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Guaytara: Hidden Water

It is an ecological site located in the Paramo of Antisana in the Antisanilla area at 3,550m next to the cliffs of Isco. These are a set of rock walls that have become one of the major resting roosts of the Andean condor. Observing the immensity of this landscape inspired us to conserve it and and to build the lodge. It was constructed with imagination and transformed into a place like no other where you can enjoy comfort in a country setting. We invite local and foreign visitors to visit this magical place surrounded by flora and fauna typical of the Andean plateau.

When hiking around the Hacienda, one can observe a variety of hummingbirds, curiquingues, hawks, partridges, as well as the majestic Condor. Also to be found are medicinal plants like chuquiragua, arete del Inca, yellow and white chicory, achupalla, caballo chupa, among others, that were and continue to be used since ancient times as natural medicine.


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Tours and activities

Hosteria Guaytara is surrounded by amazing mountain scenery. We have a variety of riding and hiking trails, 4×4 trails to observe Andean Condor roosts, mountain biking, camping and fishing.

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Places of Interest

La Mica lagoon and snow-capped volcano Antisana.The hacienda is located right next to the Antisana ecological reserve. On your drive to the hacienda you will observe the lava flow that emerged from the ground and not from the Antisana crater as you might think.

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Hacienda Guaytara restaurant offers traditional food from the Ecuadorian highlands especially made on a wood-fired stove. The house specialty is trout.

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In our Hacienda you will find many outdoor activities as well a total relaxation, a place where guests can completely forget the outside world.

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