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GUAYTARA: Hidden Water

The Guaytara ranch, located next to the Antisana volcano, just 1h45 southeast of the DMQ, with an altitude range of 3300 meters above sea level. at 4200 meters above sea level; it is surrounded by a mountain range; considered a great mosaic of bird diversity and endemism, named the Shrine of Cóndores, which houses the highest concentration of avifauna biodiversity; being the ideal habitat for the nesting of the Andean condor of Ecuador.

It is the strategic place for those who want to discover the culture, flora and fauna of the Ecuadorian Andes, it is the ideal refuge for rest and healthy recreation of the mind, body and soul.

We are in a unique place near the Laguna de Secas, the lagoon of Mica or Micacocha water mirror of the Antisana volcano; summit viewpoint of vast sky territory and extensive pajonales; today declared an ecological reserve area with wetlands that provide vital liquid south of the capital of Ecuadorians with a catchment of 9000 l / s.

From the hotel and restaurant at 4100 masl. You can see the Sincholagua volcano, Cotopaxi, Antisana especially in the winter season, when the volcanoes are at their maximum splendor of snowfall becoming a unique spectacle of the area; accompanied by the flight of the majestic condor of the Andes.


With his agricultural knowledge, his skill in the control and management of livestock, the influence of the stars, resisting the bad weather of the páramo, probably led him to earn the title of Chagra.

The expression ‘chagra’ comes from the Kichwa word ‘chakra’, which has a close relationship with the land for cultivation, rather than walking, a chagra learns to ride a horse and make a good huasca (knot for lazaring animals).

His traditional clothing is characterized by his striped poncho, hat or cap, wool scarf and zamarro; You can not miss the beta of leather, spurs and saddle with retranca. A character with a rich culture expressed in his bullfights and herding cattle, heritage of the colonial period of the eighteenth century.

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Hosteria Guaytara is surrounded by amazing mountain scenery. We have a variety of riding and hiking trails, 4×4 trails to observe Andean Condor roosts, mountain biking, camping and fishing.

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Places of Interest

La Mica lagoon and snow-capped volcano Antisana.The hacienda is located right next to the Antisana ecological reserve. On your drive to the hacienda you will observe the lava flow that emerged from the ground and not from the Antisana crater as you might think.

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Hacienda Guaytara restaurant offers traditional food from the Ecuadorian highlands especially made on a wood-fired stove. The house specialty is trout.

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In our Hacienda you will find many outdoor activities as well a total relaxation, a place where guests can completely forget the outside world.

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